SonicSteam doesn’t just work hard to get your carpets clean, we do your upholstery too. We know that dirt doesn’t just land on the floor, your furniture and fabrics can trap and hold in grime and dirt for years. We want you to count on us to get them clean and back to the way they should be with our proven upholstery cleaning.

Our unique and detailed upholstery clean is non-toxic, and will leave you with fabrics that look brighter, smell fresher and feel like new. We will never shrink, stretch, or leave any residue that could rust or harm any of your furniture. The process is done with low moisture, making anything we clean almost instantly dry and ready to use as soon as we leave. We do not want to intrude on your life, we want to help make it livable. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals are courteous of your time and respect your schedule and desires. We give you what you deserve, only the best.

When stains happen, it is easy to spot-treat and remove what was spilled. Sometimes though, there is a stain that regular home products just can’t get out. Stains can penetrate deep down inside your furniture, becoming invisible to the eye, but living inside your belongings. Bacteria can grow and health can be compromised. SonicSteam wants to be the ones you can count on so this never happens to you. Our upholstery cleaning can remove all signs of bacteria and improve the overall air quality and home environment. Eliminate odors, dust, pollen, mildew, and other allergens that live on your upholstery. You deserve a clean, safe, fresh feeling home, let SonicSteam help you achieve that when you let us clean your upholstery.