Spilled Wine on CarpetCarpet is used more than any other part of a building, which is why routine carpet cleaning is important. Whether in an office space or your home, carpet is walked on, over, and through daily, leaving it looking dirty and worn. Changing weather conditions can also means water, mud, and grime get wiped on your carpet and daily traction wears these deep in the carpet. We know that stains happen, that’s why SonicSteam is here to reverse the damage. Our steam cleaners have a 3 step process that helps remove all those external factors and give you a carpet that looks and feels new. At SonicSteam, we have one goal in mind: to make your carpets that look better than they ever have. We will go above and beyond your expectations of carpet cleaning services, working with your schedule and providing you with exceptional customer service.

Steaming your carpet regularly is important to ensure not only the looks of your carpet, but the overall health of your home, or business, as well. No other carpet cleaning company will steam your carpets as well as we do because at SonicSteam, we really do care. Our dedication to our customers comes with every job we take; we want to leave you with carpets you never knew you could have. SonicSteam’s carpet steaming is a process unlike any other regular carpet cleaning service, and our steam cleaners make the process a pleasant one. We do not use any harsh chemicals or shampooing agents to get stains out of your carpets. Rather, we use high heat and water to break down particles and lift stains out of your carpets. Steaming doesn’t leave any residue behind to create stiff carpets, and is a non-toxic method that provides great long-lasting results. Routine steam cleaning lessens the amount of dirt that adheres to high traffic areas and makes it easier to prevent stains on your own time. Steaming your carpet also diminishes pet odors and leaves you with fresh, soft, new looking carpet you haven’t had in years.