Spilled Wine on CarpetCarpets usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to something being spilt or tracked inside. Wiping feet off, dropping food, spilling drinks, your carpet catches it all. Having more pollutants inside than out, it is important that you deep clean your carpets to remove all the debris that get trapped inside the fibers. SonicSteam is the friendly, professional carpet cleaning company you can count on to help you get back the carpet you deserve.

Regular vacuuming and spot treating carpet is great, but sometimes what you really need is to get deep down beneath the surface fibers and remove all that has been trapped underneath the visible surface. SonicSteam’s deep cleaning is a 3 step process which includes pre-spray, carpet scrubbing, and hot water extraction. Deep cleaning gets most carpets cleaner than just steam cleaning, and that’s because of our powerful professional carpet cleaning equipment. SonicSteam’s team can transform your carpets back to looking like new. Stains in your carpet are more likely to happen in high traffic areas, making your carpet look more worn and dirty than you’d like. General steaming is great to get the top layer of your carpet clean, but for carpets that receive high amounts of traffic, there’s usually a lot of debris that remains below the surface. When a stain, dirt and grime are just removed from the top layer of carpet, trapped debris will become visible in a short amount of time. Deep cleaning goes way down past just the surface and eliminates all contaminants, leaving your carpet truly clean. Sonicsteam guarantees that we will get the stain out, or our services are free. If you can’t remember the last time you got your carpets professionally cleaned or have just been putting it off, now is the perfect time to give us our carpet cleaning company a call and lets us get started right away. We care about your carpets and their cleanliness, and we care about you.