At SonicSteam, we guarantee that our carpet, home and upholstery cleaning services to you will be second to none every time we get to see you.

The reason that we are so successful in what we do, is our three step carpet cleaning process.

1. We start with a pre-spray

2. Then a scrubbing

3. Extraction.

Through these three steps we will provide you with a carpet that leave your carpet looking better than it has in a very long time.

Our pre-spray treatment is done for the purpose of preconditioning your carpets. This part of the process breaks down the soil, dirt and grime so it can be thoroughly lifted and removed. Carpet scrubbing is done next to loosen grime and dirt, making the extraction easier and ensuring all dirt can be lifted. Carpet scrubbing is an added process many other companies skip to save time and money, but we know that no carpet is truly clean without this process. It helps to ensure that we have done the best job possible for the homeowner or business. Our final step of the carpet cleaning process is the actual extraction itself. We use a top of the line high powered machine to flush the carpet pile and then extract all loosened soil. The combination of heat and pressure in our steam cleaners prevents your carpet from being saturated with water and remaining soaking wet. Instead of soggy, dingy carpet, you are left with soft, plush, extremely clean carpet you will be guaranteed to love. SonicSteam loves what we do; our proven results will exceed all your expectations and make you a customer for life. Our passion is carpets, and we want to provide you with the cleanest carpets you’ve ever had. For either business or residential service, you deserve only the best.

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Trust us when we say, clean never felt so good.